Tuesday, 17 January 2006

PPIG workshop

I've been meaning to blog about the PPIG Unroll Your Ideas workshop that Andree organised at Coventry last week. The meeting was fantastic and the level of debate was probably the best I've seen almost anywhere, perhaps with the exception of some OOPSLA sessions. Definately the highlight was Richard and Saeed's paper on predicting whether or not students will pass a programming course, before they have started learning anything about software at all. Interesting stuff and if the data bears out in longditudinal studies this could be a really big result. There's a little more on Richard's site and no doubt the full paper will be available soon. You heard it here first! (Or maybe second.)

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  1. Indeed, I imagine that the results will struggle to carry out in longtitudinal studies, very few worthwhile studies can provide 100% accuracy when dealing with students. I can't wait to read the paper though.